Thursday, November 1, 2007

todays thoughts

some observations as i wait for my turn in the "good" shower...

1- i think i may have too much orange in the sunroom
2-a trip to Bear Creek with 40+ third graders can go either way.
3-christmas wish books promote materialism in our children.
4-i wish i liked coffee sometimes. you look so mature drinking it.
5-dust collects fast in my house.
6-there are so many things i should be doing right now but i can't think of one.
8-why does my husband like the house 10 degrees cooler than i do?
9-who can believe it's November? Oct. went by fast- at what age does time get steady?

i had no more thoughts so i visited Bible Gateway.
first verse i came to-
think God may be speaking to me?

Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.
Col. 4:2

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Hugh in the House

September is over. I am not sure if i didn't jinx myself about the whole Sept. thing but it seriously felt like i warped into dog years where time is really longer than real time.
So today was a fantastic October morning. I woke up, took the boys to school and went to the gym. That would be Cross Point before many of you think i am getting all buff. I did 38 laps. GooOOO me! It was great. And if any of you felt a surge of peace and love, i was in fact praying for you. Of course starting my day with such zest only led me to greatness. The rest of the day involved surfing the Internet for a new laptop (yeah, it's time), Zaxby's and the library then ending in a walk down the hill to my grandparents. For a small town Alabama girl, it doesn't get a lot better that this.

Mark and I finished season one of House last night. I realize how absorbed I tend to get in thinking I want to be everything interesting that crosses my path but this is for real. I want to be Gregory House. He is able to say whatever he wants to say. How fantastic would that be?! His friends are amazingly devoted and his co-workers deep down love him, sometimes too much (oh sweet Cameron). However, I am sure he doesn't exemplify Christ's gentleness but he does His honesty. I am not forgetting the addiction. He lives in pain, he has to do something, leave him alone...He so much 'grows on' you that i am sure i am a little bit in love with him.

How many of you have seen Amanda Peet's quote in the theater when your sitting there with your popcorn and 20 lb Nestles Crunch. It says something like you have to fall in love a little bit with your co-star. I feel like that when I watch TV. I think I have to fall in love with my series' star to embrace it for the entertainment it was purposed. And that i do. So long Jack Bauer, House is in the house. Somebody stop me!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

that last post felt like last September for me. what gives? anybody else dragging?

Friday, September 7, 2007

the longest month

wake me up when september ends

i realize this is an unflattering shot of myself (thank you sadie). it best describes the labor of september for me. you may be asking "what has you in such distain?" i could tell you about my list of tasks and make it seem all about what i have to do but the truth is i dread winter, i am a bit on the weary side of the "same old" - i realize i just need to get over it and keep on keeping on. my prayer life is better and i feel whole in Him, i am just again reminded why God put Galations 6:9 in the NT:
Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

i am a professional fan

i think i may be a dancer.

i have realized at some point in my life i have secretly desired the ability to perform every imaginable art form. below listed is the art and at what age i longed to have that gift.

1- drawing, painting, your basic "artist"- i claimed this desire beginning around four. i remember saying i was going to be an artist when i grew up so i could paint at my canvas and stay home with my kids.

2. singing- ok, so i am just now getting that this route for my life isn't going to happen. only because i am now pursuing dancing.

3. theatre- beginning in jr. high the acting bug bit and then the sting went away around the time i went to college. looking back, this was an avenue i truly wish i had not let go...please friends don't let me be the parent that pushes their child into their dreams. but i do wish i had been pushed into mine a little harder. maybe children's ministry plays will satisfy this yearning.

4. pottery- mom used to take me to the pottery shop where i crafted and painted many a trinket. but this for me was little more than a fun day out with mom until i saw the movie "ghost" then i decided that would be a very cool job to have.

5. playing an instrument- let's see, first it was piano. i took lessons in elementary and even a class in college. it was fun and all but it took a lot of thinking so my desire to become a pianist wasn't very strong. then i realized if i didn't try to learn how to play the guitar i would not have lived. (this was last year) i self taught myself a few chords and again i realized it took a lot of thinking. all this thinking led me to believe i didn't have natural talent. how sad for me. now i truly think i may be able to play the drums. but thats a huge investment. maybe later in life?

6. writing- not too long ago, mom found a little construction paper backed book i wrote in kindergarten. in sixth grade i was sure to be a writer and that yearning took over as a senior i couldn't wait to write the next paper. in college however i tried to think more realistically and decided being a writer was far fetched, risky and unpractical. still my favorite class, you guessed- english lit. i remember so many details of that class. ahh, good times...

7. ballerina- the typical little girl's dream right? right. moving on...

8. dancing- ahh, here we are. in jr. high i came up with a dance for our MH cheer squad. i was so serious about it and thought it was so fantastic. i will never forget the look on merrilyn's face when i got thru with it. it was fast moving and for MH you had to do everything on a (pretty slow) 8 count. that dream fizzled until last night...

last night i watched the entire season on "so you think you can dance" skipping thru the talking and focusing on the dancing. i am realizing that my whole life has been a series of "so you think you can's..." recently, as i am maturing (ahem), i believe that God, in His infinite wisdom created me to be respecter of the arts. i wasn't blessed in any capacity with any of these amazing gifts. and my heart truly longed for each one.

but i do see that somebody has to be a fan. somebody out there has to be the person that can't wait to see the next performance on stage whether it be interpretive dance, hip-hop or a reading of Shakespeare or the solo performance that Bo Bice nailed. Somebody has to be out there to be so moved a tear wells up and their breath is held just for a second. i am such a fan it comes natural. i am in love with all the Dominics, Francine Rivers and Picasso's. and i can't wait to hear what Jack Johnson is coming out with next. i can't narrow a favorite musical artist down because there are so many. i am a fan. i can't wait for the free downloads every week on itunes so i can diversify my musical knowledge. i go to american idol concerts and cry and feel pride for contestants. my dream date includes a trip to the corner theatre downtown to see whatever is showing. my dream vacation is a trip to the beach to sit and listen to the ocean and read a book. i am a professional fan.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

here's to clarifing 50 things about me...

1- i hate starting and finishing a project but i love the middle part
2-my clothes are waded up in my drawers
3- sometimes i think my left shoulder is higher than my right
4- i get anxious before i go to church or any large social event
5- people are probably tired of reading 50 things about me's
6-i like to fish, but i don't bait my hook or take the fish off either julie
7- i want to cut my hair but something keeps stoping me
8- i get frustrated with timmy turner and the choices he makes
9- i am an unfortunate driver
10- i love mcdonalds, zaxbys and jacks for their fries
11- i hate the first 10 min. of every day
12- i relate to new christine
13-i think about God more than i talk to Him
14- i saw the movie hairspray yesterday
15- i am thankful for segregation
16- my first real crush was on a black guy down the street
17- i have never waxed my lip but i am thinking it might be time
18-i like my second grade school picture, it was a good year for me
19- 5th grade was hard for me
20- i like the beds being made, except i am ok with the top bunk being left undone
21- i hate for my feet to be wet in shoes, even flip flops
22- i like the feeling right after i blow dry my hair
23- i wish i had a good hardy laugh
24- in college i doubled majored yet didn't have a plan in mind to work in either field
25- in college i peed off the roof of my dorm
26- i love to write but lately i am without inspiration
27- i love to make CD's by going thru myspace and listening to people's music and looking up those artists
28- one of my objectives in life is to live more genuine
29- i just cut and pasted some of my 50 things because i thought the order mattered
30- my favorite thing to do right now is catch up on "24" episodes
31- i have a huge crush on Jack Bauer
32- mark sent me a picture of Jack when i was at camp.
33-i wish i was more motivated to do the things my mind comes up with
34-balanced people are amazing to me
35- i go for the underdog, everytime
36-i need more personal discipline, but i am getting better
37- i love the smell of a new box of crayons, coffee, gasoline and cigars
38- my waist is too big for my hips
39- i absolutely hate to drive in reverse
40- i really think jesus is my friend these days
41- i still plan on running the "amazing race" someday
42- i still plan on learning to play the guitar someday
43-i dissappoint myself and get on my own nerves sometimes
44-i really do like kids, they are so much fun that sometimes i think i am immature
45-i like people who let you in on their faults before you actually are blown away by them
46-i wish i was a private detective. i think that would be my dream job
47- i love to analyze how people act and react
48-i go into salt and sugar craving cycles every few days
49- i think heaven will involve wind and kids and that feeling you have after you jump in the pool or go down a slide
50-i want Jesus to play a song just for me on His guitar, but when i invision this he has on jeans, sandals and his hair isn't stringy

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

i don't really have any ideas yet for this blog.
i just wanted to make sure i saved the address before someone else did.